The deluxe ROPS Tractor 

Simplicity - Functionality - Value for money

The Agrolux 95 ROPS has been designed to be a deluxe ROPS tractor with multi-purpose functionality.

This tractor is ideal for front end loader work with dedicated Power Shuttle Gearbox.

What makes this tractor is the comfortable workspace with cabin like features. Standard with a flat platform and Genuine canopy makes this tractor stand out.

A high capacity hydraulic pump provides sufficient flow for all operations including front end loader work plus standard features that the rest are still trying to work out with 4 wheel independent disc brakes, front and rear diff lock, very tight turning circle.

The Agrolux 95 tractor is one of the best all-rounders on the market. 


 SDF 1000 Series Engine

High pressure combustion engine equipped with high positioned 3 ring pistons, minimising friction and providing positive bore sealing. The 1000 series engine is fitted with a high pressure Bosch fuel injection system. 



 Choice of braking options

An optional braking valve located under the front of the right-hand foot plate allows the operator to choose the type of braking characteristic he would like to perform depending upon the operation.



Constant mesh gears ensure the power is transmitted smoothly through the gearbox with minimal loss of power. The PTO drive is direct from the engine to a hydraulically operated wet clutch pack. Pressure lubricated bearings and synchronisers ensure the heat generated within is quickly and efficiently dissipated.



Operator Station

The steering column is adjustable allowing the operator to set the steering wheel to suit each individual. Incorporated within the steering console is the instrument panel, hand throttle to the right of the steering wheel and all lighting and indicator controls.



 Operators Station

The instrument panel features a clear visual display of Engine rpm, forward speed kph, PTO speed indicator, hour meter as well as fuel level and coolant temperture gauges



A dedicated 56 L/min hydraulic pump supplies oil for only the hydraulics and auxiliary valves ensuring maximum oil is available at all times.  


Up to three double acting auxiliary valves can be fitted. Couplings are mounted directly on the valves allowing easy repair and maintenance. The valves offer a choice of single to double acting and hydraulic pressure kick out or detent. 



A fully independent driveline takes teh power directly from the engine to the PTO gears. Single gear reduction in the driveline reduces power loss and helical cut PTO gears reduce noise during operation. 



A sliding screen positioned in front of teh main cooling radiator catches the heavy dust and debris which is drawn into the cooling area. This prevents the radiator from becoming blocked and it reduces the risk of engine overheating. 


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Agrolux 95


Agrolux 95