The AGROFARM G Series tractors are designed to meet the multi-purpose tractor requirements within the 100 horsepower sector.

The New AGROFARM series has an excellent power to weight ratio with a mechanical governed real horsepower fuel efficient engine.

This tractor is ideal for front end loader work with dedicated forward/reverse synchronised or Power shuttle Gearbox.

What makes this tractor is the new designed ergonomic workspace inside the spacious comfortable cabin.

Wide opening full length doors allow easy entry into the cab; a high capacity air conditioner is also fitted to allow maximum operator comfort in the harsh Australia conditions that we are acclimatised too.

A high capacity hydraulic pump provides sufficient flow for all operations including front end loader work plus standard features that the rest are still trying to work out with 4 wheel independent disc brakes, front and rear diff lock, very tight turning circle.

The New Agrofarm G Series is the best all-rounder.




The new Agrofarm G series is powered by a water-cooled 4-cylinder 4litre turbocharged diesel engine. This series boast a compact design, uniform power development and low fuel consumption. 



 Two transmissions are available. Both transmissions fitted to the Agrofarm G Series offer the right speed for every application with a maximum road speed of 40km/h




 The cabin offers an exemplary workplace with safe cab access with a large door opening angle, anti-slip, solid steps, excellent freedom of movement and clear view of all important operating and control elements.





 The new Agrofarm G Series has a strong, simplistic easy to use three point linkage system with high capacity lift of 4300kg fitted to the Agrofarm 100. A mechanical lower link sensing system gives accuracy and greater sensitivity.  This system is simple but very effective.



Agrofarm G 100 DT


Agrofarm G 115 GS Cabin


Agrofarm G 100 GS ROPS


 Agrofarm G 85 - 100 -115 

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Agrofarm G100 DT


Agrofarm G 115GS ROPS

Agrofarm G 100GS ROPS

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