Agrofarm G Series

115 GS & 100 DT

Deluxe Cabin Tractor

The AGROFARM G Series are designed to be a deluxe CAB tractor with multi-purpose functionality.

This tractor is ideal for front end loader work with dedicated Power shuttle Gearbox.

The Agrofarm G comes with a 4 Post cabin enabling great access in and out of the Cabin. 

A high capacity hydraulic pump provides sufficient flow for all operations including front end loader work plus standard features that the rest are still trying to work out with 4 wheel independent disc brakes, front and rear diff lock, very tight turning circle.


Fuel Efficient Engine

The 100DT uses a 4 Cylinder turbocharged Mechanical controlled engine developing 96 hp.  The bigger sibling Agrofarm 115GS uses a 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled electronic controlled engine developing 110hp. Both engines use Bosch direct injection making them extremely fuel efficient.

Engine Speed Programming

The engine speed programming function or cruise control is a standard feature on the Agrofarm 115GS as the engine is electronically controlled. This system allows to set and retrieve and engine rpm with a click of a button. This features also helps fuel efficiency as the electronic governor is always monitoring load and delivering the right amount of fuel to the engine.

Keeping it Simple

The Agrofarm G series was brought into Australia to have a tractor that simple in design, having the creature comforts that you need and not overloading it with all the bells and whistles that you may never use for this HP sector. This tractor is extremely great value for money. Look at the physical size and tractor weight, still a normal size tractor and weighing over 4 tonne! This is hard to find as most tractors in this horsepower sector have shrunk in size.

DT Syncro Shuttle

The Agrofarm 100 DT is fitted with a Synchro shuttle. This is a mechanical controlled shuttle where lever is located on the left hand side of the operator’s seat. Directional changes are simple and easy by depressing clutch and moving lever. All gears are synchronised eliminating grating of gears. The 100DT Gearbox has 20 forward and reverse gears including a creep range and 40km road speed.

Wet Clutch Shuttle

The Agrofarm 115GS is fitted with a wet clutch power shuttle. The shuttle lever is located on the left hand side off the steering column and directional changes can happen with just the movement of the lever. There is also a black scroll wheel fitted in the lever allowing the adjustment of the shuttle modulation to suit your task at hand. This tractor is also fitted with a 2 speed powershift and comfort clutch.

Deluxe Air Con Cabin

For Australia’s harsh conditions an Air conditioner fitted to any piece of equipment needs to work and the Agrofarm G series meets that standard. The Agrofarm G comes with a 4 Post cabin enabling great access in and out of the Cabin. Once sitting on the air seat all controls are laid out in an ergonomic position. Digital Dash, push button PTO and MP3 Bluetooth Radio are all standard.

4 Wheel Wet Disc Brakes 

Most tractors are designed with either rear wheel braking or 4 wheel braking. The Deutz Fahr is much different to these as all 4 wheels are braked independently with multiple wet clutch discs. This system gives superb stopping power and allows the tractor to come to a complete stop with pressing the brake pedal all the way to the floor. Having this feature standard makes this tractor very safe especially in hilly terrain.

Tight Turning Circle

The Agrofarm G series is fitted with a wide high capacity front axle. The Max load for this axle at 10km is 4500kg allowing you to lift heavy loads without damaging the tractor. The Axle not only has this but has a fantastic turning circle even with the large 420/70R24 front wheels fitted. If you have an Agrofarm G series tractor in mind please take one for a drive and test out the turning circle. You will not be disappointed.

Front End Loader

As a utility tractor majority of tractors in this horsepower range are fitted with a front end loader. This loader was designed 100% to fit the tractor with focus on sizing, strength and manoeuvrability in mind. At Deutz Fahr we made sure everything is standard such as Level lift, Joystick control, Euro quick hitch, soft ride, third function and a 2.1mt GP bucket. The only options is what you want to fit on the front such as a Hayfork.

Info + Specs

Agrofarm G Series Brochure


Agrofarm G 100DT


Agrofarm G 115GS