5G Heavy Duty Series

 The 5G Series has been developed to offer a tractor range that will suit any working conditions. Modern, stylish machines, designed to give maximum working versatility, with flexible specification options to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. In addition, its unique features enables the 5G Series to guarantee an unrivalled level of safety under any work conditions.


The engine fitted in the 5G Heavy Duty Series is a 4000cc 4 cylinder turbo intercooled water/oil cooled engine developing 106hp. Using the innovative engine speed programming function (Cruise control), which the driver selects simply and conveniently with a touch of a button sets the engine speed. Once the speed is set the engine and able to maintain a constant PTO speed under varying conditions. This feature is not only easy to use but also reduces fuel costs saving you $1000’s of dollars over the lifetime of the tractor


The new powershifts are electronically controlled under working conditions: dedicated sensors constantly monitor and optimise all the operating parameters and diesel injection is adjusted to ensure a stable, constant performance. The response to speed and load variations is rapid, direct and precise. The hand accelerator lever and engine speed programming function enables you to set, maintain and recall therequired speed for the job in hand.

The new engine has been meticulously designed with an electronically cooled and regulated, external EGR linked only to the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst),i.e. a simple Diesel engine catalyst, to comply with the emissions standards currently in force.

This is not a diesel particulate filter, generating potentially high counter-pressures on the exhaust gases, which requires regular, time-consuming cleaning cycles, nor is it a selective catalyst reduction device, such as the SCR, which requires the use of an additional agent, such as AdBlue.


The 5105.4G  uses a 40km/h wet clutch semi powershift transmission. The 5 synchronised gears, 4 work ranges (slow, fast, underdrive and supercreep),  and 2 Powershifts give the operator the wide variety of options capable of fulfilling all work speed requirements. A press of the button on the gear lever and without using the clutch pedal, the Hi-Lo can reduce (or increase) the gear speed when loaded by approximately 16%. This option is particularly useful when working on a very uneven terrain

The shuttle control is hydraulically adjusted with a 5-position modulation control; this option is useful in terms of productivity and safety, especially if the machine frequently operates in a restricted area with a front loader. In addition, the hydraulic shuttle is equipped with two sets of multi-disc, oil-immersed “Long life” clutches to reverse up to 13 km/h, even when loaded. The 5105.4G is also equipped with Stop&Go, which allows you to stop and restart the tractor without having to use the clutch pedal.

To couple equipment efficiently, the PTO on the 5G Series has 4 standard speeds (540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO), with electrohydraulic engagement. An optional front PTO which operates at the standard 1000 rpm can be fitted with the front hitch.

The PTO is simple and logical to handle, thanks to the electro-hydraulic controls on the right-hand console and on the rear fenders. The engine revs are shown on the instrument panel which moves with the steering wheel adjustment to ensure clear unobstructed view of the operating speeds. In the versions with an electronically controlled hitch, the Auto PTO function allows you to automatically stop and start the rear PTO in conjunction with raising or lowering the rear linkage.


The 4-post cab provides excellent visibility under all working conditions and guarantees a functional work environment with superior comfort and well laid-out controls.

The carefully designed space, eye-catching contours, innovative materials, passenger seat and ergonomic layout of the controls, divided into a logical “colour-coded” sequence, all put the 5G Series cab at the top of its class.

Up to 8 work lights (6 on the cab roof and 2 mid mounted on the cab corner posts) allow you to illuminate your entire work area at night.

The standard rear LED warning lights ensure maximum on-road visibility. Lastly, the back-lit instrument panel and side console allow the operator to clearly identify each individual control.


The 5G Series offers efficient, modular hydraulic systems. The standard open centre system has a 55 l/min pump supplies the standard 4 rear distibutors (2 sets) . A separate 40l/min hydraulic pump supplies the power steering circuit allowing you to steer the tractor at low engine revs with a heavy load on the front. The linkage position and lift of the standard rear hitch is the Electronic Hitch response control (EHR). The hitch not only offers a draft/position mix function, it can also perform rapid soil engagement (float position), dampening of oscillations (ride control) during the transport of the implements carried by the 3-point hitch, lift height limiter and adjustable lowering speed control. It has a maximum rear lift capacity of up to 3600 kg. 

How it works