Agroplus V/F/S Series

DEUTZ-FAHR has been one of Europe’s leading suppliers of specialist tractors for decades. The Agroplus V/F/S  series of tractor offers specialist farmers 3 overall minimum widths of tractors; V – 1160mm S- 1265mm and F - 1430 mm. For the Australian market the F series is brought in as a standard model however if you need something narrower the V and S variants can be ordered from factory. With unique design requirements needed for the specialist grower , the Agroplus V/F/S series  is ideal for fruit growers and vineyards looking for a compact and powerful tractor.


The engine fitted in the Agroplus F 410DT is a 4000cc 4 cylinder turbo intercooled water/oil cooled engine. Using the innovative engine speed programming function (Cruise control), which the driver selects simply and conveniently with a touch of a button sets the engine speed. Once the speed is set the engine and able to maintain a constant PTO speed under varying conditions. This feature is not only easy to use but also reduces fuel costs saving you $1000’s of dollars over the lifetime of the tractor.


When using a specialised tractor the main requirement needed is achieving the right vehicle speed for the task at hand. The Agroplus F 410 DT (dry clutch) uses a 30/15 Mechanical synchronised transmission with . Within the transmission comes a dedicated forward /reverse lever incorporating a mechanical splitter mounted on the left hand side enabling shifting from forward to reverse and splitting a half gear very easy. All Agroplus V/F/S models come with an overdrive meaning when travelling from property to property the engine Rpm will de rate from Max RPM to achieve a top speed of 40km/h.


The Cabin fitted to the Agroplus V/F/S series of tractors not only has to be comfortable but needs to achieve the outside dimensions to fit in orchard and vineyard rows.  The innovative cab design, without a B-strut, favours easy access through the wide opening, fully glazed doors. The narrow cab struts and large glazed areas ensure an optimum view of all mounting areas  – the  basis  for pleasant,  stress-free work and perfect results.   Maximum freedom  of movement  and a practical  ergonomic  design are  also features of this modern cab. The comfort cab is also very well insulated against engine and operating noises. The silent block mountings effectively absorb interfering vibrations.


With a delivery capacity of up to 54 litres a minute just for the working hydraulics, the hydraulic system of the Agroplus F410 DT is fit for every purpose. The standard 3 sets of double acting  remote valves with a maximum of 5 allow all attached implements to be operated easily. Flow control and free flow oil return are of course standard allowing total control of you implement.