Agroplus F Keyline

The Agroplus F keyline series embodies the essence of simplicity, with a single piece cowl, SDF 1000 series engines, a low driver seat, short wheel base and outstanding agility and maneuverability. These are simple but extraordinarily practical and functional tractors capable of working with any implement. Ideal for orchard and vineyard work, these tractors strike the perfect balance between superior performance and low running costs.


Agroplus F Keyline tractors are equipped with a four cylinder 75hp SDF 1000 series engine with a turbo-intercooler. Incredibly tough and reliable, these engines are specifically built to keep on working uninterruptedly for hours on end with low running costs and extremely limited maintenance for minimised loss of productivity. The modern high pressure injection system uses a single pump for each cylinder. This is a far more advanced solution than the rotary or in-line pumps used in conventional injection systems, and ensures superlative performance with extraordinary reliability.


Agroplus F Keyline series tractors are equipped with an extremely efficient mechanical synchronised transmission with the ideal number of intelligently spaced ratios. A 10/10 synchronised shuttle gearbox gives many work speeds for specialised orchard/vineyard work.

All transmission levers are ergonomically situated with the shuttle lever located on your left and gear lever on the right hand side.

Operators Station

 Conceived according to the latest standards for space usage and ergonomics, the driver area of Agroplus F Keyline tractors is roomy and comfortable.

Suspended pedals and gear lever location ensure the ideal driving position, while special deflectors in clear polycarbonate protect the driver against soil and mud debris and ensure an unobstructed view of the front wheels.





When you are doing specialised work you need hydraulic power. Not only you have plenty of flow for the rear remotes you have as a standard fitment od 2 sets of distributors (4 outlets) giving you de-tent and spring functionality. The three point linkage system has a lift capacity of 3000kg using traditional lever controls for position and draft controls.