Designed to simplify farming life

The 4E series developed by Deutz-Fahr gives you a tractor with plenty of versatility to meet demands of day to day farming.
If versatility is a priority and you're looking for a tractor with a low weight to power ratio that meets your exacting needs for productivity, the new 4E Series is the perfect answer for you, whatever the task.
The cabin model gives you the comfort like that of a car with climate controll air conditioning ergonomic polition of controls and unmachtched. 
All 4E Series tractors are fitted with four-wheel wet disc brakes as standard. 

With a wide choice of models, engines and equipment variants, the 4E Series is totally configurable to most farming needs.


Deutz-Fahr 4E Series tractors are powered by liquid cooled 3 or 4 cylinder turbocharged and intercooled engines with HRT and exhaust gas recirculation systems ensuring compliance with Stage 3A standards.
These tractors are an ideal combination of sturdy construction and simplicity. The 4080E models are equipped with an electronic engine governor system which automatically determines the exact quantity of fuel needed in relation to power demand and load in real time to optimise fuel consumption.



A hydraulic oil flow rate of 42 l/min is available for the 3 sets of rear distributors (6 outlets) whilst a separate 17 l/min hyd pump feeding the power steering circuit gives you total steering control when using a front end loader.
The 4E series is uses the EASY lift three point linkage system where combines the traditional position and draft levers with an electronically controlled up/down button for raise and lower of three point linkage.
The hydraulic lift has a maximum load capacity of up to 3490 Kg (with supplementary external rams).



When you sit in the Cabin of the 4E series you notice that Deutz Fahr has designed it for comfort and ergonomics. With an Adjustable steering wheel/dash system that tilts and extends, combined with the seating and lever positions comfort and ergonomics have been met with a high standard. All 4 E series Cabin tractors a standard with a digital controlled Climate controlled air conditioner system that delivers high capacity air-conditioning to suit our Australian conditions.



The 4E Series tractors are equipped with a transmission offering the ideal ratio for every task.
The 30+15 gearbox configuration consists of a synchronised 5 speed gearbox with 3 work ranges incorporating a forward/reverse shuttle with mechanical splitter. A top speed of 40 Km/h for 4WD versions makes road transport tasks quick and simple.