4090E ROPS 


Versatility is a priority 

If you're looking for a tractor with a low weight to power ratio that meets your needs for productivity, the 4090.4E ROPS is the perfect answer for you, whatever the task.

The 4E series developed by Deutz-Fahr gives you a tractor with plenty of versatility to meet demands of day to day farming. 

The ROPS version is available with all the same features of a cab tractor without the glass and the air conditioning.

All 4E series tractors are equipped with a forward / reverse shuttle synchronised transmission which is a must when doing loader work as you can move quickly from forward and reverse gears.

Tractor speeds range from a low 240 m/hr to 40 km/h with nine working gears between 5-20km/h. Other standard features are four wheel wet disc brakes, EASYLIFT push button three point linkage and a three speed PTO (540/750/ground speed).




Turbo Intercooled Engine 

This model is powered by a SDF 4 cylinder turbocharged intercooled engine developing 85hp. Individual Bosch injection technology along with an electronic governor make sure power is always available.

Engine Speed Programming 

The electronic engine speed programming function (Cruise Control) is a standard fitment. This function automatically determines the exact quantity of fuel needed in relation to power demand and load in real time to optimise fuel consumption.

Syncro Shuttle with Splitter

Located on the left hand side of the steering column is the forward/reverse shuttle lever. The lever is located in a position where loader and shuttle movements can be done at the same time. The shuttle is also equipped with a mechanical splitter allowing you to split each working gear.

Creep Speed to 40km / h 

Many utility ROPS tractors don’t have the right gearbox configuration to attain the right speed for different farming enterprises. The 4E ROPS tractor is fitted with 30 forward and 15 reverse gears with speeds ranging from 240 m/h right up to 40km/h to make sure you can get the right speed.

4 Wheel Wet Disc Brakes

Safety is key in today’s society. All 4090.4E ROPS tractors are fitted with 4 wheel oil immersed wet disc brakes. When the both brake pedals are pressed oil is fed into the braking system allowing to 100% braking power. This feature makes the tractor very safe in hilly terrain.

ISO Mounted Flat Platform

The 4090.4E ROPS platform is ISO mounted like their cabin siblings. Sitting on rubber mounts and having a flat floor makes gives many benefits to the operator with better comfort and better accessibility. Grab handles, front noise protection and a rubber moulded floor are all standard.

Comfortable Working Area

Why should all cab tractors have the creature comforts? This model shares the same layout and controls as the Cabin tractor making the tractor very comfortable when operating. Standard features include adjustable steering wheel, Sun canopy and suspension seat.

Hight Capacity Hydraulics

A dedicated hydraulic pump gives flow to the three point linkage and the auxiliary rear remotes. Standard fitment is 3 pairs (6 outlets) allowing the ability to use implements that have multiple hydraulic functions. Lift capacity is impressive too with up 3500kg available at the ball ends.

Front End Loader

The front end loader fitted to the 4090.4 E Rops tractor is the German made manufactured by STOLL. This level lift loader incorporates a high lift with 3.46 mts achievable at the pivot point. Joystick control, third function and a Euro hitch with automatic re latching are all standard.


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