Agrotron 6G PowerVision


Built & Designed for Australia

The Deutz-Fahr 6G series responds to the needs of customers who demand a tractor that not only delivers excellent productivity but is also inexpensive to run, easy to use and boasts simplified maintenance.

These tractors are the perfect combinations of several outstanding features, with tried and tested Stage 111A compliant six-cylinder Deutz engines matched with highly efficient ZF transmissions and class- beating hydraulic systems.
This formidable package is clad with and eye- catching design, while the Deutz-Fahr brand is a guarantee of genuine German quality.



Deutz 6 Cylinder Diesel

The 6G series is powered by DEUTZ Tier 3 6.1 lt TCD 2012 6-cylinder common rail diesel engine. The DEUTZ common rail injection system (DCR) and the electronic engine control with intelligent link to the drive management ensure optimum engine performance at a low fuel consumption. This engine has a wide constant toque allowing the engine to power through with minimal gearshift changes. The engine fitted to the has no DPF fitted and requires No AdBlue for reduced running and maintenance costs.

Sense Clutch Powershuttle

Built within the Powershuttle lever is the Sense Clutch modulation wheel. This feature allows the directional changed to be faster or slower to suit the operation. For example: Where the operator is performing continuous shuttle operations the wheel should be set for rapid shuttling and field work the wheel can be set for a smoother and slower directional change. There a 5 modulation settings allowing directional speed changes depending on operator or application.

Powershift Gearbox

The 6G series in this horsepower range come standard with the Powershift gearbox. There are 2 gearbox options depending on model with a 30/15 or 54/27 option which includes creep gears. The Gears are broken down with 5 ranges and 6 powershift gears. All powershift gears are proportional allowing for smooth gear changes. The other big benefit of this gearbox is the speed choice and the overlap of gears between ranges, there are 17 gear options between 5-20km. When you have this overlap you don’t have to do a range change when working implements such as baler to achieve correct ground speed.

Cabin built for Aussie Farmers

This tractor was designed for our harsh Australian condition’s with design features such as a high capacity air conditioning system blowing from roof down and a suspended cabin. The layout inside is very comfortable and controls easy identifiable with using the Deutz Fahr colour logic system. This identifies all controls using colour for example: Orange- Driving, Blue- Auxiliary remotes, Green- Three point linkage and Yellow – PTO.  High quality GRAMMER Air seat, MP3 Player with Bluetooth and trainee seat are all standard inclusions.

Detached Hood

The Detached hood feature was introduced on the higher horsepower tractors and then implemented to the 6G series. This feature is very simple however very effective at the same time. This feature separates the engine bay and cabin with the hood design having a rear cover. The advantage of this system is twofold as it reduces noise and vibrations generated from engine into cabin an also reducing heat. This gives the operator a quieter and cooler cabin.

Hydraulic Options

Depending on the 6G tractor model we have many hydraulic options to suit the operator. On the 6135G 40km we have an Open Centre load sensing system delivering 83 l/min flow or a Closed Centre 120 L/min system on the 50km variant. All rear remotes are controlled Mechanically via lever and cable allowing operation to be very simple and easy. On the 50km variant flow control, Power Beyond and load sense lines are all standard. Hydraulic rear lift is done Electronically inside the cabin. This system is equipped also with draft, drop speed control, upper height and headland control. Buttons on the rear fender make hooking on implements safe and easy.

50km/h and Front Supension Available

The 6135G 50km tractor is standard with 50km an quipped with front axle suspension. The front axle suspension is adaptive with automatic damping control with anti-dive and anti-rise functionality. The hydro pneumatic suspension system is controlled by two exterior spring cylinders placed directly in front of axle to give better shock absorption. Large suspension travel of 120mm makes for a smooth ride over the paddock. The system can be turned on and off depending on the task at hand.

4 Speed PTO

All 6G models offer complete flexibility with a choice of 4 PTO speeds as standard: 540/540ECO/1000/1000ECO. This system is fully independent and self-contained at the rear of the tractor. The implement loading on the rear POT shaft is automatically measured in a fraction of a second and the engagement of the PTO clutch is proportional to the actual load. By having the PTO speeds up to 18% fuel can be saved compared to operating in Normal mode.

Designed for Front End Loaders

The 6G tractor is designed to have a loader fitted. High permissible front axle of up to 5200kg, clear vision and ergonomic controls are all incorporated into this model.  Three choices of front end loader can be fitted with either the Agrolift, Stoll or TRIMA brands. All loaders come with Level lift, SOFTRIDE, third function, Euro hitch and integrated Joystick control located in cabin. The STOLL and TRIMA loader also has equipped as standard an automatic front re-latching system and quick coupler for hydraulics for quick change when removing and fitting loader.

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