6 Series - 4 Cylinder

6130 | 6140 

Best technology mix in its class 

DEUTZ-FAHR has expanded its series offering two models with the 6130(126hp) and 6140 (136hp), each of which are available with TTV or Powershift transmissions. 

From ploughing, sowing and cultivating to transporting, harvesting and front loader work, the 6 Series tractors are as versatile as your daily work is varied.

Like the 6 cylinder 6 Series, the high horsepower four-cylinder tractors come with powerful hydraulic systems as well as a range of hydraulic attachment points at the front and rear.

Ultra-efficient FARMotion 3.8 litre engines (Tier 3) with an output from 126 to 136 HP (95 to 100 kW), ensure characteristically high performance and low fuel consumption.

The spacious cab provides the high level of operating and driving comfort that DEUTZ-FAHR is renowned for.





Powerful 4 Cylinder Engine 

Designed specifically for use in the Agricultural sector the Deutz Fahr FARMotion engine delivers 2 power ratings for this series with a 126 and 136hp variants. 4 cylinders power this engine using the latest engine technology such as common rail, automatic hydraulic valve tappet adjustment and self-tensioning drive belts. Electronic monitoring is another feature to make sure fuel delivery and turbo boost pressures are maximised during engine load resulting in better performance and reduced fuel consumption. No AdBlue and No DPF is required with this engine also.

Sense Clutch Powershuttle

The 6 series 4 cylinder models are fitted with a wet clutch Powershuttle which enables directional changes without the use of the clutch pedal. The sense clutch is the modulation control set by the operator on the shuttle lever, this allows on how responsive you want the shuttle. There are 5 factory settings to tailor shuttle movements to suit each and every job.

Powershift Gearbox

The Powershift gearbox fitted to this tractor series is a brand new design. Equipped with 30 forward and reverse gears as standard there are 17 gear options in the main work speed range of 5-20km. The powershift gearbox is equipped with 5 mechanical gear speeds, 3 powershift speeds and 2 ranges. An optional gearbox with 60 forward and reverse gears is available with this gearbox giving creep gears standard. The powershift gearbox comes standard with Speed matching, Stop & Go and Automatic powershift.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Comfort and quiet are essential for drivers who work long days and nights. DEUTZ-FAHR addresses these important issues; the 6Series models are fitted as standard with cab suspension that reduces noise and vibrations by up to 40%. The work space of the 6 Series 4 cylinder tractors boasts an impressive design. All of the controls for the engine, transmission, power take-off, hydraulic control valves and the light, as well as the MMS for the InfoCentrePro are within easy reach, built into the side console to the right of the driver. 

TTV Variable Gearbox

The TTV Variable transmission is available in both the 6130 and 6140 models. This transmission uses hydrostatic and mechanical technology to give infinite speed control. Speeds from 0 – 50km (model determined) can be set using the MaxCom driving lever. Three driving strategies are available with Manual, Auto and PTO. Manual is like driving normal gearbox tractor however the smart modes are Auto and PTO. Auto is used in tillage application where you can set the desired speed and the engine revs will adjust automatically depending on load. PTO mode is used for any PTO work, the engine revs are always constant and vehicle speed can be adjusted by the operator. This transmission is simple and easy to use.

Suspended Comfort Cabin

The E Class cabin fitted to this series is very comfortable an ergonomic. All models are fitted with a suspended cabin system. Two versions are available depending on model with a Hydro Silent block that uses a nitrogen dampening system or the traditional spring type. Both versions reduce vibrations significantly, combine this with a deluxe Grammer air seat and a very smooth ride is achieved when operating the tractor. The cabin is also fitted with the InfoCentre Pro dash, Cooler box and trainee seat. Sit in one today and you will be impressed.

Weight of a 6 Cylinder 

Not that long ago you could get a 6 cylinder tractor in a 100hp. Today this is getting harder and harder with most manufacturers starting their 6 cylinder range at 140 hp. Don’t be shy as this tractor is a 4 cylinder.  The team at Deutz Fahr have recognised what that you need and that is wheelbase and weight. Every tractor needs physical weight to pull an implement as without this you cannot get power to the ground. This series weighs in between 5700kg to 5950kg giving you a size of 6 cylinder but equipped a 4 Cylinder.

Closed Centre 120l/min Hydraulics 

As this horsepower segment makes up the majority of tractors sold worldwide you need to have high flow hydraulics to do the job quickly or more efficiently. Whether it is using a loader or operating a seeder the Deutz Fahr 6 Series 4 cylinder range gives ample hydraulic power. Hydraulics used is a 120 l/min closed centre system and depending what the loader or implement needs the pump will deliver hydraulic output to what is needed. This can be also achieved at low engine revs also. 4 pairs or rear remotes are standard.

50km/h and Front Suspension Available

In both Powershift and TTV models there is a choice of a 50km version. When you go to 50km option a front suspended axle comes standard. The suspension system can be activated or deactivated with a push of button inside the cabin at any time. When suspension activated there is +/- 45 mm travel at all times, this adjust accordingly depending on load. The front suspended axle system combined with the cab suspension give the operator a very smooth and comfortable ride.  

Mechanical or Electronic Remotes

Depending on model you can have the choice of mechanical or electronic rear remotes. The mechanical system uses traditional lever and cable to activate rear remotes whereas the electronic system uses proportional electro valves. Both systems are very simple and easy to use and flow adjustment is standard on both. The electronic system is equipped with a timer function also, this is a great feature for any implement needing the same amount of oil delivery such as a round baler tail gate. You can set a time and the hydraulics will continue pumping oil until the time is reached. This makes repetitive tasks easy and also reduce the risks of creating a mistake when out in the field.

Info + Specs

6 Series 4 Cyl


6130 Powershift 40km/h


6130 Powershift 50 km/h


6130 TTV 40km/h


6140 Powershift 50km/h


6140 TTV 50km/h