Deutz-Fahr announces Agrotron 6G Powervision series


Written By: Carene Chong
January 11, 2019

A tractor range specifically designed for the Australian market…

German tractor brand Deutz-Fahr has released its latest Agrotron 6G Powervision series tractors on to the Australian market, which the company said has been developed based on feedback and demand by Aussie farmers and operators.

The new series was debuted by local distributor PFG Australia at the 2018 Elmore field days late last year.


“We're finding that a lot of farmers in the Australian market want a reasonably basic tractor without a lot of electronics in them, and is easy to service and repair,” said Deutz-Fahr Area Manager, Adrian Findlay. In response to that, Deutz-Fahr has installed the tried and tested six cylinder Tier-3 Deutz Common Rail engine under the bonnet, which uses no Adblue or DPF filters. “So the user doesn't need to worry about added costs in the servicing of the engine,” Findlay said.

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The 6G series comes with the new ZF transmission with a choice of either Powershift or RC shift. Both shifting technologies offer up to 54 forward gears and 27 reverse gears including a creep range. “One of the key features of the new transmission is the modulation through the gear shifts,” Findlay said. “It smooths out all those power shifts which is kinder on your equipment and is more efficient to run. “More efficiency means less fuel burnt and less service and running costs.” The range consists of four models – the 6135G, 6155G, 6185G and 6250G with road speeds of up to 50km/h.

The 6G series features Deutz-Fahr’s traditional Agrotron style cab with colour coded controls inside the cab which will be instantly familiar with operators who have driven Deutz tractors before. “Orange is to do with movements, yellow is for PTO, blue for hydraulics and green for linkage,” Findlay said.  On the 6G series models, Deutz-Fahr has separated the cab and the engine bonnet to prevent the heat and noise from the engine from reaching the operator in the cab. “So there are about four decibels less noise in the cab than previous models,” Findlay said.  Customers can choose from four different hydraulic options to suit their needs: 84 and 110l/min versions (90 and 115l/min on 6185G and 6205G models), or 120 and 160 l/min load sensing versions (125 and 165l/min on 6185G and 6205G models). The tractors come standard with three hydraulic remotes and can be equipped with up to five remotes if required. All models feature four PTO speeds – 540, 540 ECO, 1000 and 1000 ECO rpms.

Maximum lifting capacity on the 6G range is 9700kg for the rear lift and 3850 kg for the optional front lift. “All of the 6G series models have a cab suspension as standard with a spring and a shock absorber,” Findlay said. “That cab suspension is known in the industry to take out 35 per cent of the vibration and roughness in the paddock from where the operator sits.” The controls, seats and armrests are all configurable to suit each operators’ needs for optimum comfort.

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The new InfoCentre provides the operator with clear and precise information needed to keep all operating parameters of the tractor under control at all times. “We do invite anybody who's had a six-cylinder Deutz in the past to have a look at the 6G series,” Findlay said.

“Definitely as a day to day tractor, the 6G series is well-appointed and is good bang for your buck.”
Pricing for the 6G series tractors starts from $116,000.